Author: Andrew Forrest

7 Ways Investing in Cybersecurity and IT Can Improve Your Business

Cybersecurity or IT security remains a challenge for businesses of all sizes and types operating in various industries globally.

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Have you got a cyber security incident response plan yet?

According to the 2020 CrowdStrike Global Security Attitude Survey, Australia is a prime hotspot for targeted attacks. In the survey, 67 per cent of the Australian respondents said they had suffered at least one ransomware attack in…

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Data loss prevention policies

Businesses can better protect their data from hackers and strengthen their information protection infrastructure when adopting a data loss prevention (DLP) policy. When DLP is implemented correctly, it prevents third-party…

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Why Zero Trust strategies remain a hot topic

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations switched from physical workplaces to virtual offices due to commuting restrictions. But enabling workers to collaborate remotely introduced some unexpected…

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How to kill the password

The password remains the weakest link in any security structure. It has already been responsible for some of the most devastating security breaches around the world. Today, it is difficult to find a platform, shop, program, or device….

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5 simple steps to attain baseline security

Baselining systems provides your business with a point of reference and allow you to recognise when something is out of place on a critical system. A baseline can be either static (configuration-based) or dynamic (activity-based) and can be used to alert…

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