DR in a BOX

The game changing DR solution

Imagine instantaneous DR and Backup (if you call boot time instantaneous!). Managed backup and recovery, with no data charges! A plug and play solution for VMware or Hyper-V with offsite and onsite data recovery, all for one low price. Impossible? No, it’s here now, with DR in a Box powered by HPE. Businesses large and small can get fixed price Disaster Recovery with a managed cloud service incorporating the latest HPE technology, delivered in Australian data centres. No more hardware or software to implement or manage, and no more tapes or upgrades. DR in a Box is fully supported by our local experts for both onsite and cloud-based file recovery, as well full VM recovery. Simple, easy to use… a backup and recovery service at a click of a button!


Take care of your business with a secure data Backup and Recovery Solution.
Ensure Business Continuity in case of a disaster.

  • Cloud and local DR providing protection for a full site failure as well as individual file recovery

  • Management and cloud storage delivered from our Australian data centres. You can choose from a list of supported global data centres.

  • Block level local de-duplication and compression as well as encryption.

  • Instant onsite data recovery for VMware and Hyper-V. Point and click to recover to any host including the provided local appliance. Your 72 hour Recovery Time Objective just became 60 seconds!

  • Scalable solution capable of supporting hundreds of Virtual Machine’s and large volumes of data.

  • Flexible data retention policies, with up to 30 years retention.

  • Australian based IT support.


  • One set monthly price. No additional data cost or per virtual machine cost.

  • Fully managed and supported DR system deployed with high end HPE hardware.

  • Fully configurable and customisable solution.

DR in a BOX

...we have a plan to suit your business

  • Extra LARGE Business Plans are also available.  Contact us!