Gain business flexibility, efficiency and scalability with an integrated and managed infrastructure

Intrix IT Managed Services

Managing your IT environment on your own while keeping up with today’s IT demands can be complex, costly and time consuming.

Our Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services can simplify infrastructure management with modular services. You pay for only what you need to help run your environment.

Our Managed IT Services include: 

  • Remote Management

  • Server and Desktop Management

  • IT Asset Management

  • Patch Management

  • Network Monitoring

  • Printer Management

  • Hardware and Software Inventory

  • Hosted Email

  • Office 365 Business Transformation

  • Threat Management Services

  • Software Deployment

  • Anti-Virus, Ransomware and Internet Security

  • Cloud Backup and Storage Services

  • Technology Training

Managed IT Services Sydney

3 Reasons why you should use Intrix IT


Because of the talent, skills, and experience that Intrix offers, the IT staff of our clients have become much more productive and are realising significant time savings for completing important tasks. For example, we have helped the IT staff achieve average time savings of 78% for forecasting and configuration management activities and 67% for application development activities (see figure right).

Infrastructure Cost Reduction

Our customers report that they are saving on infrastructure-related costs because our Managed IT Services provide production efficiencies while also helping them save on certain datacenter infrastructure costs. In total, these customers are realising five-year average annual savings (see figure right).

Return on Investment

We assessed the cost, benefits, and value of our infrastructure managed services to our clients over a five-year period (see Figure right). These companies made average initial investments of $30,461 per 100 users for these services and are spending $8,513 per 100 users each year over five years. These investments will result in average annual benefits of $86,173 per 100 users over five years, with data growth increasing the value of the benefits each year. Over five years, these companies will realise a cumulative net gain of $367,031 per 100 users.

Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services


Simplify your IT infrastructure management with our modular services charged by month to month.



Strengthen your information security defenses and lower your costs.

Business Continuity and Resiliency

Improve business continuity and avoid costly downtime.


Create new ways of transacting business and new business models to realise a mobility solution's full potential by using Office 365.