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Ransomware Alert: WCRY (WannaCry) New Detection Tool

Over the weekend, there has been an unprecedented spate of ransomware infections hitting a number of organisations across various industries around the world.

The culprit: the WannaCry/WCRY ransomware.

Prior to this most ransomware in Australia was distributed by;

(i) spam,

(ii) on the web using exploit kits or

(iii) by RDP brute force.

The latest outbreak of WannaCry would initially get into an organisation using a phishing email, and then spread through an organisation in a worm-like way using a vulnerability in Windows (recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerability (MS17-010 – "EternalBlue") associated with the Shadow Brokers tools release).

How can our customers find out if their organisation is protected? Trend Micro offers a free tool that can co-exist with other Anti-Virus programs to help organisations identify the gaps in their existing endpoint protection solution.

Free Assessment Tool

Increase your protection and access free 180 day assessment tool to protect your organisation against advanced threats.


Please pass this tool onto your work colleagues, friends and family and stay protected.

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